Rising tides drown everyone without a boat

Most of us cannot stay where we are. 

The projected envirnonments of the future indicate that very few places will be desirable year round. 

Existing mutual support networks are ill prepared for a signifigant increase in the number of environmental refugees the future holds.



Thankfully, Home is where the Heart is!

Vehicle Specialization

Having spaces in vehicles that are not living space require a significant investment of resources. Specializing trailers and vehicles requires a critical mass of membership to support.

Creating a dedicated kitchen space radically decreases the complexity in fleet vanpartments. Having a fluids trailer to pump out tanks and take offsite without moving the entire caravan can be of incredible utility.


Numerous personal living spaces can be supported easily by centralizing power and water utilities. Being able to tool up for special projects such as the pictured sewing lab puts a caravan in a position to provide support to the greater community.

Living in public space puts an individual directly in the crosshairs of numerous threat vectors. Hostile data-driven actors lurk around every corner.

Harassment from law enforcement, locker room terrorism from angry locals, and the threat of "Smart" city technologies used to indirectly deprovision services all make for an environment that is safer in a group than alone.


It takes a village to avoid the unblinking stare of the eye in the sky.

Cyberwar ends in the grave

About us

After years of operating warehouse lofts, venues, hackerspaces, and other community spaces a few things became clear. It's important for members to own their own corner of the community. It also seems prudent to come to terms with the rapidly collapsing environment by learning to live in a future where living space will be at an overwhelming premium.


What started as a caravan of friends living in vehicles and travelling around as a group has started growing into something different. The benefits of having friends nearby to keep an eye on each others vehicles and achieving critical mass to centralize infrastructure and chores has made our public space intervention into something more exciting.


Our membership is broken up into different Krews that operate independently of each other. 


Viralink Medium-Duty Industries 


The Viralink Krew is a central California based convoy featuring a dedicated kitchen vehicle. Extended services to members include a storage unit, an onboard genset, and buildout assistance. This Krew currently has a half dozen members.


Let's travel!